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I’m so excited you’re here! My goal is to provide you with practical (and concise!) tips so that you can stop researching and start living. Please use the resources below to get started.

Travel: Tips, tricks, & incredible places to visit

Money: Easy ways to save more & earn extra cash

Living: Welcome to your best life

Blogging: Want to start a blog? Start here!


Interested in starting a blog, but not sure where to start? I’ve got you covered.

This post will take you from “I’m thinking about starting a blog” to “I’m a blogger”!

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Resources: All the things

All my favorite apps, tools, and seriously cool resources in one place.

Want time-saving tools that will help you reclaim your time? This is where to start.

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Welcome to East by Midwest! My goal is to provide practical tips about travel, money, and living so that you can stop researching and start living. #travel #travelhacks #traveltips #traveltricks #personalfinance #money #moneyhacks #financialfreedom #living #lifehacks #lifestyle #liveyourbestlife