20+ Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time

by Pam @ East by Midwest
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What would you do with a little extra money? Finally take that dream vacation? Push up your retirement date? Worry less about debt?

Many of us could benefit from a little extra money to help us reach our financial goals. And this article will help you get that extra cash.

Using the incredibly easy ideas below, you can make some extra money in your spare time and accomplish your financial goals.

1. Take surveys

Ever have a long wait at the doctor’s office? Or waiting for the bus or train?

You can fill that time by taking surveys on your phone. In exchange for providing your opinions, survey companies will award you points.

After accumulating a certain number of points, you can exchange the points for gift cards or cash.

Here are some of my favorite survey companies to earn extra cash:

2. Teach English online

You’ve probably heard of people teaching English as a second language through local schools in the US and abroad. But what about teaching English as a second language online?

There are many online platforms now that allow you to teach English as a second language from the comfort of your living room. You can set your own hours and be your own boss.

Try out one of these companies to teach English online and earn extra cash:

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3. Use cash back programs

If you regularly shop online like I do, cash back programs like Ebates give you an opportunity to get cash back with barely any extra work on your part.

When I want to make a purchase online, I’ll go to the Ebates website and search for the item I want to purchase. Ebates gives me a list of stores where I can get cash back for purchasing the item.

I find the store that provides the largest cash back and follow the link to that store through Ebates’ website. After the purchase is confirmed, Ebates sends me cash via PayPal, which I can easily transfer to my bank account.

And it’s all done at no cost to the purchaser! It’s an easy way to get extra cash. As a bonus, you can get $10 just by using my link to sign-up for Ebates.

4. Start a money-making blog

Do you like researching topics and sharing what you’ve learned with others? Or maybe you enjoy sharing your experiences with others so that they can benefit from your life lessons?

If the answer is “yes” to either question, consider starting a blog. (I recommend using SiteGround to get started – you can start your own website for less than $4 a month.)

I started the East by Midwest blog as an opportunity for self-expression, a distraction from my day job, and a way to share my experiences so that others could learn from my mistakes.

But along the way, I also learned that it’s possible to make income from a blog.

If helping others, being your own boss, and making extra income appeal to you, read this article for step-by-step instructions to start your own blog.

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5. Use an alternative search engine

Swagbucks and Bing.com are both search engines that you can use as an alternative to Google.

In exchange for using these search engines, both have rewards programs. You accumulate points for your searches. Accumulate enough points and you get your choice of a number of rewards, including gift cards from places like Starbucks and Target.

This is one of my favorite ways to earn extra cash because so little effort is involved!

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6. Sell items around the house

Do you subscribe to the Marie Kondo method of tidying-up? Or have you kept everything from your kindergarten perfect attendance award to your 10th grade history paper? Something in between?

Whatever your method, you likely have some items around the house that could be sold for extra cash.

ThredUp and Poshmark are websites that make it easy to sell your secondhand items. And don’t forget about the classic eBay and Craig’s List.

If you haven’t used something in a while, consider whether you can sell it on one of those sites for a little extra money.

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7. Sell pictures or videos

Are you an exceptional photographer or videographer? If yes, consider selling your photos or videos to make some extra cash.

One of the most lucrative ways to sell your photography or videography is through your own website. Setting up your own website to sell items is similar to setting up a blog.

You can create your own website through SiteGround for less than $4 a month. Check out this article for tips on creating your own website.

If you prefer to sell your items through another website, check out Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Etsy for opportunities to sell your material.

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8. Recharge electric scooters

Has the electric scooter craze taken over your city? Here in Washington, DC, there are scooters on just about every corner. And those scooters provide an opportunity to make some cash.

Scooter companies like Bird and Lime will reimburse you for recharging their scooters. While I’ve heard it can sometimes be a challenge to find scooters to charge, it’s also an easy way to make some quick cash.

9. Rent out your home

Are there unused bedrooms, basements, or even suites in your home? Do you have a vacation property or second home that sometimes sits idle? Does your primary home occasionally sit idle while you’re traveling for work or personal reasons?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, consider using Airbnb or HomeAway to rent out all or a portion of your home. It’s a great way to earn extra money.

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10. Provide pet services

Do you love animals? Pet sitting, walking dogs, and playing with cats are just a few of the many pet-related activities that can earn you extra cash.

The sites listed below connect people requesting pet services with people offering pet services. Not only can you earn some extra income, but you get to hang out with some pretty cool animals.

11. Sell your designs

Do your talents lie in the visual arts? If so, you could make a lot of extra money by selling your designs.

Websites like Fiverr and 99Designs connect designers with people like me who need help putting together logos, websites, and other graphic designs for their business or personal interests.

12. Drive Uber or Lyft

If you love to drive and want to make a little money while you’re at it, consider becoming an Uber or Lyft driver.

I make frequent use of both Uber and Lyft. I appreciate safe drivers and clean cars.

Just be mindful that the extra miles and passengers may take a toll on your car. Balance out the cost of extra maintenance and cleaning with the additional money you plan to earn.

13. Deliver food

Maybe you don’t want to drive around people, but wouldn’t mind delivering food?

If so, any one of the companies below are great opportunities to make a little extra cash on the side:

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14. Be a tutor

In addition to teaching English online, there are many opportunities to teach others while also learning some extra income.

Are you good at math? Did you ace the SAT? Whatever your area of expertise, there is likely a tutoring program where you can help someone to learn.

Here are some great tutoring opportunities you can check out:

15. Become a test proctor

Test proctors monitor examinations to help ensure everyone plays by the rules and to respond to any administrative questions.

If you ever sat for the ACT, SAT, or any other standarized test, you likely had a test proctor in the examination room with you. It’s a straightforward assignment that can help you earn a little extra money.

To find test proctor opportunities, simply type in “test proctor” into your search engine and you’ll see local job listings for test proctors in your area.

BONUS: Use Swagbucks as your search engine to earn reward points for gift cards. This way, you’ll be earning extra cash while searching for ways to earn extra cash!

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16. Work at temporary or part-time jobs

Do you have a hobby or a passion that could translate into a temporary or part-time job? Here are some ideas:

  • If you love reading, see if your local library or school offers any part-time jobs.
  • If you love outdoor activities, check out REI or a local outdoor store for temporary help.
  • Sports lovers can look into opportunities to be ushers at local sports venues.
  • Makeup enthusiasts can apply at Sephora, Ulta, or the makeup counter at a department store.

Whatever your hobby or passion, there is likely a way you can earn extra income by doing something you love.

17. Be a mystery shopper

Do you have excellent observation skills? Do you enjoy interacting with people? Are you able to recall small details?

If yes, then mystery shopping may be a great way for you to earn some extra income.

As a mystery shopper, a company pays you to tell them about your retail experience at one of their stores. Check out companies like Second to None and Secret Shopper to sign-up as a mystery shopper.

TIP: You should never have to pay to be a mystery shopper. If you’re asked to provide money upfront, it’s probably a scam.

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18. Take a seasonal job

Do you have extra time during certain parts of the year, when you could assist with seasonal jobs?

Examples of seasonal jobs might include working at a retail shop during the holidays, working part-time at a day camp during the summer, or assisting with parking at local outdoor venue.

Search for “seasonal jobs” in Swagbucks to get a listing of seasonal jobs in your area.

19. Sell something on Etsy

I often use Esty to buy downloadable templates for invitations and art around the house.

You can make a downloadable template once and sell it multiple times on Etsy as an easy way to earn extra funds.

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20. Work odd jobs

Are you handy at fixing things? Or maybe love running errands? Perhaps housesitting is your cup of tea.

No matter what your skill set, there is likely an odd job out there that matches your talents exactly.

TaskRabbit can connect you with an assortment of odd jobs. Apply to be a tasker and then look for tasks that appeal to you.

21. Clean homes

Some people have a magical ability to thoroughly and efficiently clean homes. If you have a knack for cleaning, why not get paid for it?

Apply to clean homes and connect with available opportunities on one of these sites:

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22. Provide nanny or babysitting services

Are you great with kids? Consider being a nanny or offering babysitting services.

Check out Care.com and TaskRabbit for opportunities to look after kids.

23. Provide senior care

Maybe kids aren’t your style, but you love helping out seniors and listening to their incredible life stories. If so, head over to Care.com and TaskRabbit to offer your services in senior care.

I hope at least one of these tips appealed to you as an easy way to make extra money in your spare time. With all the extra cash you’ll make, you’ll be well on your way to meeting your financial goals!

What would you do with a little extra money? Travel? Retire early? Pay off debt? Read this article for easy ways to make extra money in your spare time. Side hustle | Extra cash | Extra income | Money hacks | Money tips #sidehustle

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