by Pam @ East by Midwest

Welcome, I’m Pam!

I created East by Midwest to provide busy people like you with practical, easy-to-follow travel tips, advice, and inspiration.

My goal is to provide you with to-the-point information so that you can stop researching and start doing.

I’ve included a little about myself below and I’d love to get to know you, too! Tell me about yourself by leaving a comment or DM on Instagram @eastbymidwest or send me an email at pam@eastbymidwest.com.

❤️ Pam

The origin of “East by Midwest”


Iowa born and raised: I was born and raised in Nevada, Iowa. Land of corn, soybeans, wind turbines, and super friendly people. 🌽

East Coast resident: I went to college at the University of Virginia and stayed on the East Coast after graduating. I live in Arlington, Virginia and commute over the river into Washington, DC for my day job. 🌏

Number-cruncher: I’m a CPA and spent most of my professional career as an auditor. Now I’m a finance director at a non-profit. ✏️

Sweet teeth, metal bones, & Elvis


Serious sweet tooth: I’ve yet to meet anyone with a bigger sweet tooth than mine. If you have a big sweet tooth, message me – we should be friends. 🍭

Team bionic hip: Due to a childhood injury, I had a full left hip replacement in October 2016. After years of stabbing pain, the hip replacement eliminated all my hip pain. I’m amazed every day by the miracle of modern medicine.💃🏻

Lover of Oldies music: I love all Oldies music, especially the Righteous Brothers, Elvis, and the Temptations. 🎵

Things that go bump in the night…and the morning

East by Midwest

Horror movie boycotter: You will never, ever convince me to watch a horror movie. Nope, nope, nope. 🎥

No to mornings: Words you’ll never hear me say: “Wow, I just jumped right out of bed this morning!” I am not a morning person. At all. I envy morning people but will stay solidly amongst the night owls. 🌅